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Diwali 2022 New Zealand DIWALI 2022 FESTIVAL DATES Due to difference of Tithi (Lunar day), there is one day difference between India and New Zealand Diwali festival dates dates Dhan Teras धन तेरस New Zealand: 23 Oct (Teras Tithi...

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Indian movies 2022

We bring list of Hindi and Regional Indian movies. Not each of the upcoming Indian movies gets released in New Zealand. We try to provide you all we can about the Indian movies getting released in New Zealand theatres. In...

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Past Indian movies: Year 2021

 click for In-Cinemas and Upcoming Movies Master (Tamil), 13th Jan Hoyts, Event Cinemas Master (Telugu), 13th Jan Event Cinemas Master (Hindi), 4th Feb Event Cinemas, Hoyts Eeswaran (Tamil), 21st Jan Event Cinemas. Hoyts...

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Calendar 2024

Calendar 2024 All religion, National Holiday of NZ and India

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