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Guru Purnima, Vyas Puja, Ashadha Purnima, Gauri Vrat Ends, Ashadha Ashtahnika Ends, Kark Sankranti

July 16 - July 17

Guru Purnima / Pournima 2019

“Guru” means teacher or mentor. “Purnima” means full moon day

Guru Purnima गुरू पूर्णिमा is spiritual tradition dedicated to teachers and mentors. It is celebrated by many religions across Indian subcontinent. Guru Purnima is national holiday in Nepal.

Poornima Tithi (Lunar day) is from 16th July 8.19am  to 17th July 9.38am

Uthraadam Pournami

Vyas Puja, Ashadha Purnima,

Gauri Vrat Ends

Ashadha Ashtahnika Ends

Kark Sankranti


check our Upcoming Events page to see programs organized to celebrate Guru Purnima in New Zealand


July 16
July 17
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