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Dev Prabodhini / Uthani Ekadashi

Dev Prabodhini Ekadasi Birthday of Bhagat Naam Dev Ekadasi / Agyaras / 11th Lunar day tithi from 4 Nov, 3am to 5 Nov 1.38am (As per New Zealand Auckland time & coordinates)

Saphala Ekadasi

Saphala Ekadasi Ekadashi / Agyaras / 11th Lunar day from 19 Dec 11.03am to 20 Dec 10.02am Calendar covering all religious festivals, New Zealand National Holidays, Indian National Holidays, Selected Sports Events and Lunar day details (Hindu Tithi तिथी).

We bring you a unique blend of National (both New Zealand & Indian) and Religious calendar. The Indian / Hindu lunar day or tithi (तिथी) mentioned here are as per New Zealand time. When city is not mentioned, Auckland time is taken as standard time to calculate Sunrise-Sunset (सूर्योदय / सूर्यास्त समय), Moonrise-Moonset time (चंद्रोदय / चंद्रास्त समय).

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