Internet Service Providers (ISP) in New Zealand

All cities in New Zealand and most of the towns are equipped with high speed fiber internet. ADSL / VDSL copper connectivity is available wherever fiber is still not laid. Chorus is main fiber and copper network provider across New Zealand but they do not provide Internet services to residents. On mobile connectivity, while almost entire nation is covered with 3G network, all major towns and cities have high speed 4G or 5G connectivity.

You have ample choices of Internet Service Providers (ISP) based on your residential or business address. Few ISPs specialize in rural connectivity while few are available only in cities. One NZ (earlier Vodafone), Spark, 2degrees,  Vocus are premier ISPs. Many energy (electricity / gas) providers are very active in ISP business as well including Mercury (TrustPower is acquired now), Orcon, Nova etc.

New Zealand internet and mobile charges are higher as compared to India or most of the countries in the world. Common pre-paid plan costs $10-$30 a month and most of the post-paid plans would start from $25 per month. Most of the ISPs offer landline with broadband connection at very attractive rate. A landline is very useful and cost effective for business owners. Most of the banks offer wired or wireless (paywave) services for businesses for processing debit / credit card payments. A Debit card payment in New Zealand is popularly known as FPOS.

There are many portals / website in New Zealand which compares broadband or mobile plan prices. recommends to use these services to compare prices in your area and get best offer. If you commit one or more years, you can get good rate. Further, if you combine electricity and gas then you can get great deal.

Here is list of Internet Service Providers in New Zealand (This is not complete list, last update Jan 2023)