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Paap-ankush Ekadasi

Paap-ankush Ekadasi, 11th Lunar day Edakasi tithi from 5 Oct, 7.30pm to 6 Oct 5.10pm as per Auckland time and coordinates

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First Onam, Parsv Ekadasi

First Onam, Parsv / Parivartini Ekadasi Ekadasi / Ekadashi / Agyaras / 11th Lunar day from 6th Sep 12:24 to 7th Sep 9.34am as per Auckland local time and coordinates

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Parsv Ekadashi

Parsv Ekadasi Kanya Sankranti Vishwakarma Puja Ekadasi tithi: 16th Sep 4.06pm to 17th Sep 2.37pm as per Auckland time

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Aja Ekadashi

Aja Ekadasi Ekadasi Tithi frm 2nd Sep 12.51pm to 3rd Sep 2.14pm as per Auckland coordinates and local time

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2023 General Election NZ

The 2023 General Election in New Zealand will be held on Sat 14 Oct 2023. Check these useful links:

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Info courtesy: Electoral Commission New Zealand website: vote.nz