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Kamada Ekadashi

Kamada Ekadashi Tithi / Lunar day (as per Auckland time): Ekadashi (Agyaras / 11th Lunar day) from 23rd Apr 6.05am to 24th Apr 4.17am

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Gauna Rama Ekadasi, Vasu Baras, Govatsa Dwadashi

Gauna / Vaishnav Rama Ekadasi Govatsa Dwadashi Vasu Baras / Dwadashi Vach/Bachha Baras बछ बारस (mostly celebrated by communities from Rajasthan / Gujarat states of India) Tithi / Lunar day (as per Auckland time): Ekadashi...

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Calendar 2023

indiansinnz.com Calendar 2023

Indian Movies in NZ

  • Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan 21 Apr Event Cinemas Hoyts Starring Salman Khan
  • Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae (Punjabi) 21 Apr Event Cinemas Hoyts
  • Es Jahano Door Kitte Chal Jindiye (Punjabi) 24 Mar Event Cinemas
  • Polite Society, 27 Apr Event Cinemas
  • Ponniyin Selvan 2 (PS2), 28 Apr Event Cinemas & Hoyts (Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu)
  • Jodi, 5 May

Indian movies coming soon & in-cinemas now

2023 General Election NZ

The 2023 General Election in New Zealand will be held on Sat 14 Oct 2023. Check these useful links:

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Download Enrolment information: English | Hindi

Info courtesy: Electoral Commission New Zealand website: vote.nz