अधिक मास / पुर्षोत्तम मास ADHIK MONTH / PURSHOTTAM MONTH 2020

Adhik Maas in 2020 is from 18th Sep to 16th Oct/17th Oct as per Auckland local time and coordinates.

Adhik Maas (English translation is Extra Month) is the Hindu leap month/days inserted to Lunar Year about every 32.5 months to keep the Lunar and Solar year aligned.

Tithi: Pratipada / Ekam / 1st Lunar day from 17th Sep 11pm to 18th Sep 7.20pm

Adhik Maas (Masa) is also known as Purshottam Maas, Londa Maas, Mala Maas (मल मास), Dharmau Mahino and Malimmacha. Adhik Maas is NOT considered good for wedding or moving into new house (Gruh Pravesh / गृह प्रवेश). Various religious programs and special prayers are organised during the month at all the temples. Chaturmasya is not observed during Purusottama Adhika Masa

Adhik Masa as per Astronomy:
Moon takes 27.3 days to orbit around Earth. Earth takes 365.2422 days to orbit around Sun. However, Moon has to travel 2.2 days extra to line up with Earth and Sun to become full Moon again, due to the curve of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. This creates gap of 10.87 days per year between Lunar Year (354.372 days) and Sun Year (365.2422 days). To compensate this gap, an extra month is added after about every 32.5 months. This is seen in Hindu/Indian Lunar, Jewish, Buddhist, Chinese Calendars.

Prayers are organized in temples and communities during Adhik Purshottam Maas. click here to see list of temples in New Zealand.  Due to Covid situation, restrictions are in place. Most of the temples are offering virtual darshan and there is limit on gatherings. We humbly request all to follow government guidelines.


Info about Adhik Purshottam Maas