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Dhan Teras Puja muhurat timings 2017 in New Zealand: Tuesday 17th Oct


Pradosh Kaal muhurat: 7.38pm to 9.24pm (as per 4 ghati Pradosh Kaal calculation)

Pradosh Kaal muhurat: 7.38pm to 10.02pm (as per 6 ghati Pradosh Kaal calculation)

Vrishabh Lagna Kaal muhurat: 9.56pm to midnight (Based on Sun in Tula rashi/Libra at Sunrise)


Muhurat / Puja / Auspicious timings are based on sunrise and sunset time at Auckland. Dhan Teras puja muhurat timings 2017 of other cities can be easily calculated based on above and checking the sun time difference of your city. Sunrise and Sunset timings courtesy:

Auckland: Sunrise: 6.34am, Sunset: 7.38pm.

We do not propose Choghadiya time for prayers as those are actually meant to see good time for travel / visit purposes.

Quick list of puja Samagri सामग्री / Stuff needed to for prayer preparations

  1. Idols / Photo frame of deities (Ganesh and Laxmi)
  2. Coins
  3. Cloth (Red or similar is preferred)
  4. Deepak (Diya), Agarbatti (अगरबत्ती), Mud Diyas, Candles
  5. Plates to keep sweets, coins
  6. Panchamrat पंचाम्रत (ingredients: Milk, Ghee, Honey, Curd, Sugar)
  7. Fruits, Dry fruits, Nuts, Coconut
  8. Sweets
  9. Flowers, Durva grass (दूर्वा), Holy Basil / Tulsi (तुलसी)
  10. Water / Holy water
  11. Betel leaves / Betel Nuts सुपारी
  12. Red thread / decorative laces मोली
  13. Kumkum, Sandal paste, Turmeric powder कुमकुम, चंदन, हल्दी
  14. Cotton wicks for deepak/diya रूई बत्ती
  15. Match box
  16. Ghee for Arti deepak, oil for diyas
  17. Stool / Table / Pooja Chowki / Aasan. Even clean floor with some cover is fine to keep deiti and other puja samagri
  18. Aarti book (or aarti link on Internet)

We tried our best to make it simple yet informative as per our holy books.

Wishing you all Happy Dhan Teras. धन तेरस की शुभकामनाऐं

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