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Sandringham Spring Festival on 7th Nov 2020, 9am to 4pm

Living in Auckland, one may not feel too far away from home owing to its cosmopolitan crowd. Indians comprise of a large part of New Zealand population, let alone Auckland. Nevertheless, if and when you feel homesick catch one of the buses in the 24 series and take a tour of Sandringham Shops and Village (a 20-minute bus ride or 10-minute drive from CBD). Although, there are multiple little India’s in different suburbs of Auckland, Sandringham has a special location being close to the city as well as lovely flatland. One of the many aspects of this suburb that will make you feel like you are walking in the streets of India are the Sandringham shops and Village in Auckland.

Food, grocery and more at Sandringham Shops

Sandringham shops are a line of shops on both the sides of Sandringham Road starting past Halesowen avenue and ending near Lambeth road. There are plenty Indian grocery stores and supermarkets here that sell Indian & Asian grocery, fruits and vegetables imported from Indian and/or Fiji, along with our most-loved herbs and spices. Products in these shops include a bunch of Indian brands, rare Indian raw material, and Indian Herbal / Ayurvedic products such as Dabur, Patanjali etc. For those who like cooking or just buying Indian products, this will be your ‘paradise’ (you will get the pun as you read on :D).

Here are some names of grocery stores that might interest you: Top In Town Food City, Valley fruits and veges, Spice supermarket and The Spice shop.

Now, in order to explain that previously stated pun, we shall take you on a mini tour of a bunch of relishing restaurants with foods to devour. Paradise is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in Auckland, and you shall be aware of this fact once you see the restaurant get busy the minute it opens. Despite the usual crowd, they have enough room for you stick around though out your meal. Their butter chicken is a popular dish if I were to believe the loyal customers. Another renowned restaurant with a fine desi taste is Bawarchi. Similar to Paradise, they offer takeaway as well as dine in. A savoury dish that is recommended for this restaurant is their Biryani.

Indian taste

Shubh and Mumbai chaat  are another popular food place especially amongst vegetarians as they serve the appetizing home-like food. One can relish some wholesome roti-sabji as well as the typical Indian chat items out in Mumbai chat. In case, you wish to be reminded that you are still in New Zealand, you can visit Lord Kitchener a local eatery right across from Mumbai chaat with some Kiwi specialties that they offer, a typical one being good old fish and chips. There are also some other equally outstanding food places such as Shubh and Satya (a traditional fine-dine), Eggs & More (Vegetarian and Eggs), Food-Inn, Taste of Sri Lanka, Food-Inn, Venky’s, Kebabs, Ice-n-Fire (Ice cream etc), Voila Cafe which are also highly recommended.

So the next time you want to buy some bhindi, munch on some idli to fill up, desire to have South Indian filter coffee or just feel homesick, you know where to go. Thats not all, one can enjoy our old time favorite drinks like Thums-Up, Limca, Frooty, Kulfi, Amul Lassi etc here in Sandringham. Can you believe it!

Sandringham Shops areas is not just about food and spices. You shall find Pharmacy, Beauty parlour, Meat Shops (Halal certified also), Dairy & Grocery stores, Laundromat, Travel Services, Foreign Exchange, Post shop, Barber, Liquor Shop, popular property dealers and lot more.

And not to miss – A small garden area for kids to have fun, public toilet and few benches to sit and relax!


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