2020 Ganesh Festival

Vinayaga Ganapati Chaturthi गणेश चतुर्थी / चौथ

Devotees are requested NOT to take their idols to temples to disperse as there is restriction on number of idols from council. Please contact nearby temple / association authorities for details. Please help to save environment and mother earth. We humbly request all to use eco-friendly idols.

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|| SHRI GANESHAY NAHAM || श्री गणेशाय नमः ||


Chathurthi Tithi:

  • Chaturthi / Chauth / 4th lunar day from 22nd Aug 5.33am to 23rd Aug 2.27am Auckland time
  • Auckland: Sunrise 6.55am, Sunset 5.52pm



Though Ganapati sthapna and puja can be done anytime on the auspicious day, Madhyanha kaal (mid day period) is considered auspicious time. Following are madhyahna kaal (Ganesh sthapna muhurat) for various cities in New Zealand:

  • Auckland: 11.43am to 1.07pm (Sunrise: 6.55am)
  • Christchurch: 12.01pm to 2.25pm (Sunrise: 7.13am)
  • Dunedin: 12.13pm to 2.37pm (Sunrise: 7.25am)
  • Hamilton: 11.42am to 1.06pm  (Sunrise: 6.54am)
  • Invercargill: 12.23pm to 2.47pm (Sunrise: 7.35am)
  • Napier: 11.38am to 1.02pm (Sunrise: 6.50am)
  • New Plymouth: 11.49am to 1.13pm (Sunrise: 7.01am)
  • Palmerston North: 11.44am to 1.08pm (Sunrise: 6.56am)
  • Queenstown: 11.19am to 2.43pm (Sunrise: 7.31am)
  • Rotorua: 11.39am to 1.03pm (Sunrise: 6.51am)
  • Tauranga: 11.38am to 1.02pm (Sunrise: 6.50am)
  • Wellington: 11.49am to 1.13pm (Sunrise 7.01am)
  • Whangarei: 11.43am to 1.07pm (Sunrise: 6.55am)

Ganesh Aarti Lyrics (Hindi & Marathi)

Churma Laadu Prasad

Anant Chaturdashi Ganesh visarjan day: 1st Sep 2020

Tithi Chaturdashi from 31st Aug 3.18pm to 1st Sep 4.08pm as per Auckland time.

Ganesh Visarjan 2020 muhurat: 

  • Morning Muhurat: 09:31am to 01:46pm
  • Afternoon Muhurat: 03:11pm to 04:36pm
  • Evening Muhurat: 07:35pm to 09:10pm

Muhurt is also written as Muhurat or Muhurtam

Muhurt Calculation method: Considering 24 minutes per Ghati/Nadika, and each division (kaal) of 6 ghati. Madhyanha is 3rd division/kaal. Thus, first two kaal is over at 24x6x2=288 minutes (4 hrs, 48 minutes) after sunrise.

Source of Sunrise time: www.timeanddate.com (Thanks!)

IMPORTANT: Please note Auckland is under Covid Level 3 and rest of the New Zealand is under Covid Level 2. Most of the festival programs across New Zealand temples and/or communities are now restricted or cancelled. STAY SAFE! STAY HEALTHY!

Ganesh Festival 2020 NZ

Ganapati Chaturthi / Vinayaga Chathurthi to Ganesh Visarjan programs:


More programs will be posted as we receive details about them. Please send email to connect@indiansinnz.com to list your program on this page (rights to publish reserved, please click here to read our terms).


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