Wholewheat floor pudding recipe आटे का हलवा

The Indian dessert, Halwa is a common sweet prepared during festivals and as Prasad (offering to God) for special occasions. Wholewheat floor pudding recipe is simple. Indian आटे का हलवा (Aate ka Halwa) is most common and easy to prepare. Mung dal ka halwa and Gajar (Carrot) halwa are other highly popular Indian desserts. Aate Ka Halwa is known to be famous dessert in Rajasthan state but is a favorite overall India and Nepal. More popularly eaten during Winter.

Cuisine: Indian (Popular in all Indian states)
Course: Dessert
Serves: 3-4
Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 10-15 mins

1 cup wholewheat flour गेंहू का आटा
1/3 cup Ghee घी (clarified butter)
½ cup sugar or less (as preferred)
2cups water
Garnishing 1 tspn-cardamom powder
2tbspn cashews काजू, almonds बादाम, pistachio पिस्ता (thinly cut)
Few raisins (optional)

Take a thick kadhai (Wok). Heat ghee on medium flame. Slowly add wholewheat flour. Keep stirring the flour with a flat spoon . Roast until the flour turns light brown, be careful to not over roast it, you will get a nice aroma and the flour will also feel light. Now is the tricky part.. slow down the gas, add water and keep stirring clockwise so that no lumps are formed, it should slowly turn into a thick smooth paste. You will see ghee leaving the sides. Now add sugar and again stir well till the sugar melts and mixes nicely and becomes thick . Switch Off the gas. Garnish with chopped nuts and raisins.

Useful Tips:
Use coarse wholewheat flour if possible
It should always be cooked on medium to slow flame
Constant stirring is required
After mixing water stir in one direction this prevents lumps
Be careful while adding water, it will splutter

Suggested accompaniment: Papad (Papadam) and some times namkeen.


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